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Friday, 10 July 2020

August and September trials CANCELLED

Following the advice from the ISDS we have cancelled our August and September trials. We look forward to seeing you all at our winter Nursery trials.

Monday, 27 January 2020

RM Results 26/1/2020

Thank you to all that ran at our last winter trial. We thank Dave for judging and to David and Nick for letting out. 

18 ran

1.      Emily Killick, Wren 68
2.     Steve Burton, Groesfaen Cai 66
3.     Jill Woolston, Bess 60
4.     Grace Gower, Cap 45tu
5.     Harvey Lauder, Taff 35tu

1.     Mark Banham, Jack 94
2.     Paul Griffiths, Maggie 92
3.     Geraldina Orlando, Jim 88
4.     Sarah Walker, Valmis Finn 86
5.     Jill Bastable, Pip 85tu
6.     Jill Bastable, Suze 83

1.     Anita Tackley, Al 60tu
2.     Sally Else, Gunner 54tu
3.     John Mitchell, Johnny, 50

Young handler: Grace Gower, Cap

Aggregate Awards:
Cradle: Jill Woolston, Bess
Nursery: Mark Banham, Jack
Novice: John Mitchell, Johnny 
Young Handler: Grace Gower

Doug Ovenden Novice Handler: John Mitchell
Puppy Cup: Emily Killick, Wren
Service to Society Award: Ian Strang
Service rosette: Harvey Lauder

Sunday, 5 January 2020

RM Results winter trial 5th January 2020

Well done to all our handlers at today’s Winter Trial at Lynsted. We thank Dave for judging, Peter for Course directing and to David and Nick for letting out. 

1.     Jill Bastable, Suze, Tonbridge, 91 OLF 
2.     Mark Banham, Bob, Chipstead, 91
3.     Sarah Walker, Cleit Ara, Stelling Minnis, 82
4.     Mark Banham, Jack, Chipstead, 81
5.     Sarah Walker, Valmis Finn, Stelling Minnis, 77
6.     Geraldina Orlando, Chipstead, Jim, 70tu

1.     Grace Gower, Canterbury, Cap 73
2.     Emily Killick, Eastbourne Wren 64
3.     Steve Burton, Sussex,  Cai, 60
4.     Jill Woolston, Surrey, Bess, 50

Young Handler

Grace Gower, Cap

Monday, 9 December 2019

Romney Marsh Trial Dates 2020

Following our AGM, our trial dates for 2020 are: 

Sunday 31st May Westwell-Kent Championship
Saturday 4th July Torry Hill
Sunday 9th August Snargate
Sunday 6th September Riggs Hill

RM Winter trial 8th December 2019 results

Thank you to all that ran today at our winter trial. We thank Dave for judging and to our letter-outters and helpers. 

19 ran

1.     Jill Woolston, Bess, 71
2.     Steve Burton,  Cai, 68
3.     Harvey Lauder,  Taff, 63
4.     Sarah Walker, Bow, 58
5.     Grace Gower, Cap, 57

1.     Jill Bastable, Pip, 93
2.     Paul Griffiths, Maggie, 91
3.     Andy Jackman, Tim, 88
4.     Geraldina Orlando, Jim, 87
5.     Wendy Cole, Tess, 84
6.     Mark Banham, Bob, 83

1.     Louisa Taylor, Cant, 74
2.     John Mitchell,  Johney, 64
3.     Louisa Taylor, Holly, 52

Young handler: Harvey Lauder, Taff

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Results Winter trial 10-11-19

Results from our Winter trial at Lynsted

1.     Jill Bastable, Pip, 78
2.     Geraldina Orlando, Jim, 63
3.     Jill Woolston, Bess, 60
4.     Mark Banham, Ron, 57
5.     Emily Killick, Wren, 53
6.     Emily Killick, Eva, 52

1.     Jill Bastable, Suze, 90
2.     Sarah Walker, Clèit Ara, 86
3.     Sarah Walker, Valmis Finn, 77tu
4.     Mark Banham, Jack, 72
5.     Paul Griffiths, Maggie, 70
6.     Mark Banham, Bob, 57

1.     Louisa Taylor, Cant, 78
2.     John Mitchell, Johney, 61

Thank you to all our handlers who ran at our Winter trial today at Lynsted. The good weather bought some good runs to the field. We thank Dave for judging, David for the sheep and to all our helpers.

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