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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Riggs Hill Results 16/9/18

Thank you to The Vant Family for the field and the sheep at our John and Molly memorial trial at Riggs Hill today. We thank all who attended and those who helped set-up and clear away, and the general running of the trial. 


1. Cathy Cassie, Sean, 82, Best Lady
2. Jackie Marsh, Hutch, 79
3. Jackie Marsh, Angie, 77, OLF
4. Wiet Van Dongen, Ruari, 76
5. Wiet Van Dongen, Blaze, 71
6. Jill Bastable, Cass, 70

1. Wiet Van Dongen, Quaya, 59
2. Sally Else, Gunner, 47

John and Molly Vant Memorial Shield-Cathy Cassie
Best Lady-Cathy Cassie
Best OLF-Jackie Marsh
Novice Cup-Wiet Van Dongen
Young Handler rosette-Grace Gower and Cap 

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

UPDATED.....Riggs Hill running order 16/9/2018

Riggs Hill, Otterden, ME13 0JD
16th September 2018
Judge- John Marsh
Start at 9am

1. Sarah Jenkins
2. Mark Banham
3. Wiet Van Dongen
4. Ray Wickens
5. Wendy Cole
6. Louisa Taylor
7. Cathy Cassie
8. Mark Banham
9. Sarah Jenkins
10. Wiet Van Dongen
11. Jill Woolston
12. Ray Wickens
13. David Thompson
14. Karen Gearing
15. Sarah Walker
16. Sally Else
17. Sarah Jenkins
18. Mark Banham
19. Wendy Cole
20. Steve Burton
21. Wiet Van Dongen
22. Jackie Marsh
23. Pat Paice
24. Peter Gent
25. Louisa Taylor
26. Jill Bastable
27. Wiet Van Dongen
28. Cathy Cassie

Possible letting out rota:
1-6 David Thompson and Harvey
7-12 Wendy Cole and Sarah Walker
13-17 Louisa Taylor and Peter Gent
18-23 Jill Bastable and Sally Else
24-End Steve Burton and Ray Wickens

Any spare dogs will be much appreciated!!

Monday, 6 August 2018

RO Snargate 12/8/18

Running Order for Snargate 12/8/18

Romney Marsh Sheepdog Society

Snargate 12/08/18
TN26 2NH
Start 9am

Starter Class
Judge: Dave Thompson

1.Wendy Cole
2. Kath Perry
3. Steve Burton
4. Jackie Marsh
5. Karen Gearing
6. Fiona Davies-Russell
7. Margaret Flitton
8. Louisa Taylor

Open Class
Will not start before 10am
Judge: Jill Bastable

1. Mark Banham
2. Sarah Jenkins
3. Mark Banham
4. John Marsh
5. Philip Davies-Russell
6. Wendy Cole
7. Sarah Jenkins
8. Elaine Anstey
9. Guillame Josien
10. Mark Banham
11. Ray Wickens
12. Steve Burton
13. Sarah Jenkins
14. Fiona Davies-Russell
15. Philip Davies-Russell
16. John Marsh
17. Ray Wickens
18. Jackie Marsh
19. Pat Paice
20. Louisa Taylor
21. Wendy Cole
22. Peter Gent
23. Sally Else
24. Elaine Anstey
25. David Thompson
26. Guillame Josien
27. Sarah Walker
28. Alan Flitton
29. Mark Banham
Possible letting-out rota

RUN 1-8 David and Sarah

RUN 1-5 Martin and Ray
RUN 6-10 Martin and Alan F
RUN 11-15 Martin and Wendy
RUN 16-20 Martin and Steve B
RUN 21-25 Martin and Philip
RUN 26-29 Martin and Peter G

Monday, 2 July 2018

Kent Championship results

Thanks to all the helpers at the Kent Championship at Westwell.
We thank the Lister family, Doug Millen and Trevor for the field.


1. Mark Banham, Surrey, Rob 78
2. Bob Powell, North Hants, Mirk 77 OLF
3. Tim Foster, Creaton, Mist 77
4. Sarah Walker, Stelling Minnis, Quill 70
5. Wendy Cole, Essex, Abby 69
6. Val Powell, North Hants, Tyke 65

Winner of open: Ernest Finn Shield: Mark Banham

Presidents Cup: Highest Placed Farmer, Mark Banham
John Jones coursing cup: Highest placed shepherd, Bob Powell
Kathmick Trophy: Highest placed lady, Sarah Walker
Dave Thompson Anniversary Tray: Best pen of the day, Sarah Walker

Monday, 4 June 2018

Running Order TORRY HILL 10th June 2018

Romney Marsh and District Sheepdog Society

Torry Hill, ME9 0EA
10th June 2018

Starter Class-
Judge Dave Thompson
1. Karen Gearing
2. Wendy Cole
3. David Thompson
4. Steve Burton

Judge Philip Davies-Russell
1. Rob Moore
2. Mark Banham
3. Eamonn Lawless
4. Fiona Davies-Russell
5. Rob Moore
6. Mark Banham
7. Ray Wickens
8. Wendy Cole
9. Ian Wheeler
10. Eamonn Lawless
11. Rob Moore
12. Fiona Davies-Russell
13. Mark Banham
14. David Thompson
15. Steve Burton
16. Jill Bastable
17. Ian Wheeler
18. Fiona Davies-Russell
19. Wendy Cole
20. Peter Gent
21. Eamonn Lawless
22. Mark Banham
23. Rob Moore
24. Ray Wickens
25. Sarah Walker
26.        ??
Possible letting out rota:
starter class-Sarah W +1
1-5 David T +1
6-10 Steve B & Jill B
11-15 Peter G & Wendy C
16-20 Ray W & Rob M
21-end Ian W & David T

Monday, 29 January 2018

Winter series trial 28/1/18

Please note error in presentation....error fixed below!!

RESULTS 28.1.18
1.Mark Banham Oz 73
2.David Thompson Lass 63
3.Margaret Flitton May 57
4.Steve Burton Beau 53
5.Jill Woolston Ben 42

1.Philip Davies-Russell Flynt 83
2.David Thompson Jimmy 69
3.Jill Woolston Del 61
4.Sally Else Gunner 53

1.Mark Banham Taff 84 olf
2.Paul Griffiths Roy 84
3.Mark Banham Shabden Ricky 83
4.Philip Davies-Russell Kirk 76
5.Fiona Davies-Russell Kit 74

Cradle Aggregate; Mark Banham, Oz
Novice Aggregate; David Thompson, Jimmy
Nursery Aggregate; Paul Griffiths, Roy

Puppy Cup; Youngest dog running with points: Steve Burton, Beau (8m)

Novice Handler Cup; Nick Onslow, Tank

Ron Willis Award for service to the Society; Ray Wickens

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